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Visual Tutorials

Visual Tutorials

For visual instructions on what we use for our e-sessions, please select any of the following items:



How to Book an E-Session

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Cancel or Reschedule an E-Session

  • Your email confirmation will appear as seen below
  • Choose Reschedule or Cancel if necessary
  • Or contact us to reschedule or cancel

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How to Begin an E-Session

Step 1:

First, refer to How an E-Session Works. Then email the following to thewritingcenter@nyack.edu:

  • Your Assignment Detail, i.e. your professor’s exact assignment instructions
  • Your Draft, if you have any

Please email us at least 10 minutes before your e-session, or even as far ahead of time as desired – for example, the morning of or the day before your e-session.



Step 2:

  • Sign into your Nyack email, open the inbox, and wait till you see the green notification, as shown below, on the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Select “Answer”


Hangouts Step 1




If you do not see the notification in Step 2, you may see the email below.



Only if you see this email, open it and click on “Join,” as shown below, to begin the video e-session with your consultant.


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