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Online Writing Center Opening Hours & Location

Who are We?
Our Online Writing Center allows students to meet online in an e-session with one of our graduate consultants.

Our e-sessions mirror our physical appointments by facilitating immediate dialogue that can develop both the student writer & the paper.



E-session Policies



Eligible Students

Only the following students are eligible to book e-sessions with the Online Writing Center:

1. Online Students
These students fall within any one of the following categories:
a) Students taking one or more online course(s)
b) Students taking a combination of both online & residential classes
2. Commuter Students
These students commute to NYC/Rockland campus because they do not live on campus.
3. Undergraduate Students
a) Residential undergrads can book e-sessions if they meet criteria 1. above.
b) Commuter undergrads can ALWAYS book e-sessions, even without taking online classes.
4. Graduate Students
Any graduate student can book an e-session regardless of the criteria above.

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Ineligible Students

Ineligible students are those NOT listed above, and must therefore use our Rockland & Manhattan centers.
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What We Do

Our Online Graduate Consultants provide writing support for:

  1. Writing projects across all disciplines, programs, & genres
  2. Academic & non-academic writing projects
  3. Any skill level in writing
  4. Any stage of the writing process e.g. brainstorming, theses, citation, etc.
  5. Improving short-term outcomes (papers), & long-term outcomes (critical reading, thinking, & writing skills)

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What We Don’t Do

  1. Reviewing emailed papers: we are not a drop-off service
  2. Proofreading or copyediting papers, but we can guide you in this process
  3. Writing students’ papers or any part thereof
  4. Predicting or re-evaluating assignment grades
  5. Forcing students to adopt our consultants’ suggestions

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How an E-Session Works

Our e-sessions mirror our physical appointments by facilitating immediate dialogue that can develop both the student writer & the paper.

E-Sessions are:

    1. 50 minutes, or any part thereof
    2. one-on-one
    3. live & synchronous using Google Hangouts video

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How Far in Advance Students Can Book an E-Session

Students can book e-sessions up to 14 days in advance from the current date. If more time is needed, please contact the Online Writing Center.

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Consecutive & Multiple E-Sessions

Yes, because of unpredictable technical issues that may arise, students are allowed to book consecutive (back-to-back) and multiple e-sessions in any given week.

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No-Shows & Tardiness

Please be considerate of our services and other students by contacting the Online Writing Center at least 24 hours in advance when you cannot attend your e-session.

Being more than 10 minutes late to an e-session without notification is considered a no-show, and the session is forfeited to other students.

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Technical Difficulties

For issues with wifi connection and audio/video quality, our Online Graduate Consultants are trained to try alternative options. We recommend that you ensure your phone number and email address are entered accurately when booking an e-session.

Please be patient during such issues, and rest assured that you will certainly receive the assistance needed.

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Take-Home Exams

We will only review students’ take-home exams with written permission from the instructor.

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Requesting an Online Consultant

Yes, you can request a particular Online Graduate Consultant. However, please note that you are not guaranteed to get that consultant if your schedules do not coincide.

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